Continuous CIS Benchmarks Auditing

CloudSploit's scan reports now include mappings to the popular CIS Benchmarks controls, allowing you to evaluate the security of your cloud accounts according to the best practices defined by the Center for Internet Security.

Certified Benchmarks
CloudSploit is certified by CIS for the following profiles:

  • CIS Benchmark for Amazon Web Services Foundations, v1.2.0, Level 1 Profile
  • CIS Benchmark for Amazon Web Services Foundations, v1.2.0, Level 2 Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What CIS profiles are supported?

CloudSploit currently audits AWS accounts for compliance with AWS profiles listed above.

How are the reports delivered?

CloudSploit's CIS Benchmarks reports are presented as a series of controls with passing and failing results shown alongside control details.

What plan is required for access to the CIS Benchmarks reports?

All compliance reports, including the CIS Benchmarks, are included with CloudSploit Premium.

Are CIS Benchmarks reports available via API?

Yes - all compliance reports can be accessed using the GUI or APIs. All you need is an API key.

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