Map Security Controls to Compliance Frameworks

CloudSploit breaks common compliance frameworks into individual, actionable checks that help detect compliance violations among thousands of resources across an unlimited number of cloud accounts.

Opt Into More Stringent Checks
Many compliance requirements go above and beyond traditional security controls. Enroll your accounts in the compliance frameworks applicable to your business requirements.

Clear, Concise Reports
Every compliance control is clearly marked as passing or failing. Drill into results to find specific details and affected resources for easy remediation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our support team can answer any other questions that our help page can't.
What compliance frameworks are supported?

CloudSploit supports the HIPAA and PCI (DSS) compliance frameworks Additional frameworks will be added soon.

How are these scans different than the security scans?

Unlike the security scans, compliance scan reports map specific compliance requirements to actionable security tests.

Are CloudSploit Compliance Scans open source?

Yes! Every applicable security control in our GitHub repository contains compliance framework mappings. We welcome your questions and additions.

Are compliance reports available via API?

Yes - all compliance reports can be accessed using the GUI or APIs. All you need is an API key.

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