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Cost (Paid Yearly) $7.17/month/account $36/month/account $99/month/account Contact Us Free
Cost (Paid Monthly) $8/month/account $40/month/account $110/month/account Contact Us Free
Volume Discounts -
Users & Accounts
Number of Users Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Number of Stored Free Accounts Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Run Scans Without an Account - - - -
Multiple AWS Accounts
Open-Source Scans
Multi-Region Scanning
CloudFormation Scans
Number of Custom Signatures 0 50 100 0 0
Scan Reports Every 36 hours Configurable
As often as every 6 hours
As often as every 1 hour
- -
Email Alerts with Scan Results - -
Scan Results Stored 3 Months 6 Months 14 Months - -
Suppressions - -
Search Across All Results - -
Downloadable CSV Reports - -
Certificate Audit Tool - -
IAM Audit Tool - -
Security Report Tool - -
Live Run Tool - - -
Third-Party Integrations - - -
Custom Alerts - - -
Groups and Permissions - - -
Real-time Events Stream - - - -
Scan Any AWS Account - - - -
API Access - - -
SAML 2.0 Login - - - -
Assigned Technical Resource - - - -

* Unlimited accounts and users must be active. We reserve the right to limit excessive storage of inactive accounts or users.


For more information on any of our features, don't hesitate to contact us.

Configurable Scan Intervals

Our business plans allow scan intervals down to one hour. Get notifications as soon as a risk appears in your account.

Detailed Reports and Remediation Steps

Scan reports contain a wealth of information to help you quickly narrow in on a risk, determine where the risk is present in your global infrastructure, and fix it before it can be exploited.

  • Region and Risk-Level Filters
  • Search Across all Results
  • Quickly Mark False Positives
  • Export Results in CSV Format
  • Easily Detect Latest Risks
  • AWS Documentation and Help Links

Third-Party Integrations

What good are scan results if no one is alerted when there is a problem? Our third-party integrations allow you to send alerts to custom channels like Slack or an AWS SNS topic.

  • Custom tagging policy enforcement
  • Monitor for specific user actions
  • Alert on logins from unrecognized IPs
  • Protect sensitive databases or S3 buckets

Custom Plugins

Your organization can write custom plugins for any number of resources. You are only limited by the AWS API and your imagination.

Groups and Permissions

Larger organizations may need to segregate access to AWS accounts on a per-team basis. Users can be placed in multiple groups with admin or user-level permissions, allowing accounts to be used by many teams, without exposing security findings for one group to others. Groups are available to all Business Plan accounts.

API Access

For Premium Plan users, CloudSploit's scan results can be accessed, and realtime scans can be initiated, via API. Our API-only plan, designed for consultants, allows scanning of an unlimited number of AWS accounts via API for a per-scan or bulk monthly rate.

Which Plan is Right for Me?

If you're unsure, or just want to test out features, email us and we can set up a trial.

Free Plan

Our free plan is designed for personal users of AWS. Perhaps you're running your portfolio or a blog on AWS and you want to make sure it is secure. While free scans must be run on-demand (there are no background schedules), the results are not limited in any way.

Basic Plan

For small AWS environments and teams, we recommend the Basic Plan. Your accounts will be scanned in the background every 36 hours, and you can share results among an unlimited number of connected users. You will not be able to setup alerts or have access to custom plugins.

Plus Plan

For startups and most businesses, we recommend the Plus Plan. You will have background scanning every 6 hours, extensive scan history, custom plugins, and third-party integrations and alerts. You can also divide your account into teams for maximum security.

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is designed for Enterprises, although anyone can sign up. You will be paired with an assigned technical resource to help get setup. You'll also gain access to the CloudSploit API for integration with existing CI/CD workflows and can scan your accounts every hour.

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