How it Works

If you are a fledgling startup, we've been there too and we want to help.
If you are a do-gooder organization bent on making the world a better place, we want to help you too.

What We Give

A Standard subscription at no cost for four months. At the end of the term, if you still qualify, simply write us again and we'll extend your subscription at no cost.

What We Want

You to succeed.
You to have a good cloud security posture.
Pretty much, that is it. If you would like to post a "thank you" on , , or , we would appreciate it but it is not required.

How to Get Started


  • 1. Create a Free account
  • 2. Contact us and provide the following information:
    • Email address used to create the Free account.
      This domain must match the domain of your organization.
    • Your elevator pitch.
      We just want to hear the cool stuff people are doing.
    • How we can help promote you.
      Is there something that we can retweet or repost to give you some visibility?

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Why and What

Why We are Doing This

TL;DR: karma

We're an early-stage cloud security startup. We know what it is like to be pre-revenue. We bootstrapped ourselves and know what it is like to be on a super-strict budget. We want to help anyone in that situation. We've also seen the impact of high-profile cloud security attacks this year and want to prevent it from happening to you.

We're open source. In our small way, we feel like we're a do-gooder in the DevOps community. If you are an altruistic organization, we also want to help you do your thing. This offer is for you too.

What our Lawyers Make Us Say

This offer may be altered or discontinued at any time without notice, at the sole discretion of CloudSploit. No part of this offer can be redeemed for cash or can be resold. Acceptance of this offer and usage of CloudSploit's services is done under CloudSploit's terms of service and does not create a partnership or ownership interest by any party.

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