An Open Source Commitment

CloudSploit started as an open source project to help developers find security misconfigurations in cloud accounts. While today's product has grown far beyond our humble beginnings, we are still committed to our open source community.

Scan Without Limits
All of CloudSploit's core scanning engine has been open sourced. We do not limit the services, plugins, or scanning features exposed via our open source tools.

Community Contributions and Benefits
Cloud security experts from around the world contribute to our open source project. They include individuals acting alone as well as organized teams at some of the world's largest companies. We believe that everyone can benefit from community contributions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our support team can answer any other questions that our help page can't.
Can anyone contribute to the open source repo?

Of course! We welcome contributions from anyone, regardless of whether they are a paying customer or not.

Can I modify the open source tools?

Yes - for your own personal or internal corporate use. Our license prohibits the use of our technology as part of other paid products.

What's the advantage of the paid product?

We believe that our paid service provides many additional benefits beyond running the open source scans yourself. Most notably: updates are pushed automatically, we host, monitor, and run the scanning infrastructure, many reporting tools are made available on top of the output, and CloudSploit can integrate with many existing monitoring tools. Please see our Features page for a full list of capabilities.

Can non-customers use the open source tools?

Yes! All of our open source code is available to anyone. We would love for you to contribute back to the community, but there is no requirement to do so. We cannot provide email or phone support for our open source users, but provide best-effort support via GitHub issues.

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