Plugin Title HTTP 2.0 Enabled
Category App Service
Description Ensures the latest HTTP version is enabled for App Services
More Info Enabling HTTP2.0 ensures that the App Service has the latest technology which improves server performance
AWS Link
Recommended Action Enable HTTP 2.0 support in the general settings for all App Services

Detailed Remediation Steps

  1. Log into the Microsoft Azure Management Console.
  2. Select the "Search resources, services, and docs" option at the top and search for App Services.
  3. Select the "App Services" by clicking on the "Name" link to access the configuration changes.
  4. Scroll down the selected "App Services" navigation panel and in "Settings" click on the "Configuration" option.
  5. On the "Configuration" page select the General settings tab,scroll down and on the HTTP version box check the version in use. If HTTP version is not set to HTTP 2.0 then the selected App service is not using the latest technology.
  6. Repeat steps number 2 - 5 to verify other "Apps" HTTP version in the account.
  7. Navigate to the "App Services", select the "App Service" and click on the "Name" as a link to access the configuration, select the "Configuration" under "Settings."
  8. On the "General Settings" page scroll down and on the HTTP version select the latest version of HTTP which is HTTP 2.0 from the dropdown menu and click on the "Save" button to make the changes.
  9. Repeat above steps to ensures "HTTP 2.0" are enabled for "App Services",ensures that the App Service has the latest technology which includes security enhancements and additional functionality.

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